the published stuff


A list of my fictions, poetry and art publications.

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“To the Moon,” “Creative Ambition,” “My Novel Is About You,” & “Fidelity,” Tiny Poetry: Micropoetics

“Jewel in the Lotus,” Eris Magazine

“Thesis on Kisses,” Eris Magazine

“Heuristic Learning 101, Final Exam,” Eris Magazine

“Dimension Five, Live! an Investigative Report,” Sediments

“Nemphon Window Washing, Ltd.,” Sediments

“Overhead Maze, Come Night” & “Charlotte Brontë Sets Fire to Inner City Brothel,” Foliate Oak

“Intimacy, Part XVIII: A New Beginning” and “The Evolution of Man,” Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine #4

“Satan,” Eris Magazine

“The Tethered Anima,” Eris Magazine

“Writing Poetry,” Eris Magazine

“Serenade,” & art, Eris Magazine

“Making Sense of the Meat Department” and “Transcript of a Private Voice Memo:  Zombie Crawl,” Wraparound South, Winter/Spring 2016

“Gnostic Gospels II: The Secret of the Ooze,” “Songs, Alleged Distractions,” “Dimension 5 Soap Opera Screener,” and “Secret Blueprint, Public Crucifixion,” Birds We Piled Loosely

“Transcripts of Three Brief Voice Memos” and “Last Leg,” Abbreviate Journal

“It Isn’t Real,” Yellow Chair Review

“Gravity, a Nursery Rhyme,” “Bite Force Quotient,” and “The Condom of the Future,” Centrifuge: Issue Xero (print only) – publication link

“Raw Nerve,” Words, Pauses, Noises

“Forgetting He Has Gills,” Arlington Literary Journal

“Contemporary Studies in Shakespeare: Juliet Montague,” Crab Fat Magazine

“How To Cuddle,” Red Fez

“Brainstorming,” Gravel

“Why I’ll Never Get a Job Writing Commercials,” Screaming Sheep Mag

“Death on Venus” & “Ventriloquism,” Fermata Journal, p. 4-5

“Masculinity: Act V, Scene VIII,” Digital Papercut

“Toilet Bowl,” Digital Papercut

“Chakrasamvara,” Gambling the Aisle, summer 2014, p. 8

“Let Her Be the Last,” Lunar Poetry #1 (not available)


“All About Love (Initiation),” Eris Magazine

“Knights of the 31st Century,” Eris Magazine

 In Stereoscope (e-book) – allegedly a story collection

“All About Castles,” Loud Zoo #6, p.16

“BLAP Draft Revision Notes: a Press Release,” Far Off Places, Vol. III, issue II

“Hibernacula,” Pidgeonholes

“Romance, an Acid-bath Baptism,” New Bourgeois 

“Lab Rats,” Issue 5: All That Craft – (The word “roh” should be “roach,” by the way. My bad.)

“He Later Searched Her Body for Clues,” Thrice Fiction, issue 12/December 2014

“Poetry Must Die!” Loud Zoo (Bedlam Publishing)

“Pervious,” Beyond Imagination, issue 1 (free on Kindle)

“Erogeneity/Etiology,” Crack the Spine, issue 62

“No Place for Magic,” From the Depths Online/Haunted Waters Press (as C.W. Smith)


“Boom-Boom, Doom! Gun Anecdotes,” Eris Magazine

“A Cute Political Theory,”

An essay/article or whatever I wrote about penises (

An essay/article I wrote about strip clubs (

Story Anthologies I Somehow Landed in:

“Erogeneity/Etiology,” Crack the Spine: Summer 2013 Anthology

“Sanctity,” Deep Cuts: Mayhem, Menace, and Misery (as C.W. Smith)

I Don’t Belong Here! Mediocre Short Stories – Not my best work, but self-publishing is fun.


“the beautiful barista blues,”, Angel House Press

“Syzygy,” Psychopomp Magazine, issue 10/vol. 10, p. 29

“Nature of Religion II,” *82 Review

Various works, Fermata Journal, warm months, 2015

Various cards, The Khaoamusica Tarot (ongoing)

“Love’s Lesser Lightning,” cover, Crack the Spine, issue 74

“All Robots Go to Hell,” Magnolia Review p. 5